Bobken Automatics manufactures close-tolerance screw machine parts, made to custom specifications and machine industry standards. We have all Davenport, Swiss, Brown & Sharpe and CNC capabilities – turning, milling, cross drilling, cross tapping, rigid tapping, knurling, thread rolling, grinding – in all types of metals and nylon. We also accommodate heat treating, plating and anodizing requirements and can produce turned parts of all types ranging from .093” to 3” diameter.

Our product lines are used in automotive, electronics, heating and air conditioning, security systems, aerospace, medical, government, industrial and home goods. Parts are inspected throughout the manufacturing process in order to assure the finished parts meet your requirements, and we provide material, finishing and manufacturing certificates for your review.

We ask for the opportunity to quote your parts. You will like our competitive prices, high quality work, on-time deliveries and prompt customer attentiveness.